Problems with the immobilizer? You can deactivate it!

Since we see many cars with immobilizers issues, we have invested time and money in technologies that allow us to solve such problems effectively. Therefore, we are able to disable or deactivate the immobilizer for you. The cost of deactivating an immobilizer on common vehicle types is in the tens of euros.

However, deactivating the immobilizer in the engine control unit will also disable the primary protection of the vehicle against unauthorized starting without an authorized key, so we recommend that you install an adequate replacement.

There are several ways to disable the immobilizer, most commonly:

  • deactivation in the engine control unit (means rewriting certain sections of the software so that it does not require information on the correctness of the key used)
  • deactivation in the immo box (useful if the key or the reading coil is damaged, but provided the wiring and synchronization between the engine control unit and the immo box is OK)
  • replacement of the immo box with an emulator that generates a precisely determined sequence of codes (necessary to modify the engine control unit or central electronics)

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