ACU (Airbag Control Unit)

It is a specific type of control unit that monitors the vehicle status with acceleration sensors, side pressure sensors, wheel speed sensors, gyroscopes, brake pressure sensors and occupancy sensors.

The design of the unit is conceptually simple. The signals from the sensors are sent to the control unit, which determines the angle of impact, severity or strength of the crash along with other variables.

How it all works

Depending on the outcome of these calculations, the airbag unit may apply various additional restraint devices such as seat belts or airbags (frontal for the driver and front passenger, together in the seats or curtain airbags). Each restraint system is activated with one or more pyrotechnic devices.

Nowadays, however, triggering algorithms are much more complex. They try to limit unnecessary airbag deployment. For example at low speed when parking the vehicle.

If the unit is after an accident, the control unit writes a “Crash data” error or similar accident log to the internal memory and becomes inoperative.

Regarding the unit from a crashed car, we are able to reset the data from the damaged control unit and configure it for further use.

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